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NCiphers.Crypto will save you weeks of hard work with its easy and powerful API.

NCiphers.Crypto is a .NET library with cryptography functions written in 100% managed code.It offers one line method calls for performing the most common cryptography operations, like:

Symmetric cipher encryption

NCiphers.Ciphers.AES aes = new NCiphers.Ciphers.AES();
String encrypted = aes.EncryptString("Hello World", "encryption password");

Hash functions

string sha1Hash = NCiphers.Hashing.HashTools.Sha1Hex("c:\Data\afile.dat");

NCiphers cryptography libraryThe library will save you time for implementing your own routines, and you can use it directly with data supplied as bytes, String, files or Streams. Check our online tutorial for complete examples, or examine the Examples folder located in the library ZIP archive.

Latest version 1.2.4 – 28 March 2023

Royalty free distribution

You can distribute the production version of the library royalty-free with your applications.


$ 199 USD for a Single Developer License

End User License Agreement is available here EULA.rtf

download trial version of nciphers Order NCiphers