Cyclone SBOM

You have a .NET Project or Solution and you need to create a Software Bill of Materials (BOM) in CycloneDX format with no hassle?

Cyclone SBOM with its visual interface will quietly create the Bill of Materials file in CycloneDX format within seconds.

You can try our Trial Version and observe our Tutorial section how easy it is to create the Software Bill of Materials file for your .NET Project.

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Screenshot of Cyclone SBOM

Tutorial how to use Cyclone SBOM

Cyclone SBOM takes as input a Visual Studio .sln or .csproj/vbproj/fsproj file and creates a Bill of Materials file in Cyclone DX format from it.

The minimal data that we have to provide is a Name of the software, Source code location and BOM output file location:

The pressing the Generate BOM in CycloneDX format button will produce the CycloneDX file in the specified by BOM output location.

Description, Project type

The Description field specifies human readable description for the purpose of this Project or Solution. The Project type dropdown determines what kind of software project is this. Most common options here are Application, Library, Framework, Firmware, etc.


In The License name and text fields, we can specify the name of the license (e.g. MyACMCompany End User License) and the actual text of the license. If specified, both will be included in the result CycloneDX formatted file.


The settings related to the project dependencies, regulate how are additional projects referenced by this one treated.
Recursively scan project references – if checked, will include project references as well
Exclude development dependencies – if checked, will exclude dependencies used only at Build time (like Dotfuscator for example)
Exclude Test projects – if checked, will exclude Unit Test projects

Trial version limitations

The trial version is limited in a such a way that the produced CycloneDX output file is stripped in half. The production version doesn’t have such limitation.