SFTP commands for PowerShell

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SFTP commands for PowerShell will allow you to perform SFTP communication in minutes.

Online Tutorial and examples

NCiphers SFTP commands for PowerShell offer a set of convenient SFTP cmdlets that allow single line operations like:

# list SFTP directory items
$files =  Get-SftpChildItem -Host "" -Port 22 -Username "test" -KeyFile "c:\my.key" -KeyPassword "key_passwd" `
                                                                                               -RemoteLocation "\TestFolder"
ForEach ($f in $files)
 Write-Host $f

#upload file and folder
Send-SftpFile -Host "" -Port 22 -Username "test" -KeyFile "c:\my.key" -KeyPassword "key_passwd" `
                                                 -Path "c:\install.ini" -RemoteLocation "\TestFolder\install.ini"
Send-SftpDirectory -Host "" -Port 22 -Username "test" -KeyFile "c:\my.key" -KeyPassword "key_passwd" `
                                                 -Path "c:\Test\inc\" -RemoteLocation "TestFolder"

NCiphers SFTPThe cmdlets offer the commonly use SFTP commands directory create, delete, list, upload, download; file upload, download, delete, check for existence, size, modification date, etc..

Online Tutorial

Check our Online Tutorial for complete examples.

SFTP Algorithms

SFTP commands for PowerShell supports RSA and DSA SSH keys authentication over SSH 2 channel.

SFTP Authentication

Username/Passwords and SSH keys authentication are supported. The package supports SSH.com, OpenSSH and PuTTY keys.


The product is licensed per Machine installation


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Online Tutorial

download trial version of nciphers Order NCiphers