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XsdToJsonSchema will save you weeks of hard work with its easy and powerful API.

XsdToJsonSchema is a .NET class library that provides utility methods for converting XSD (XML schema documents) into JSON schema format. Converting an XSD file to JSON schema format is as easy as:

Convert XSD to JSON Schema

string xsd = File.ReadAllText("XMLFile1.xsd"); 
string jsonSchema = XsdToJsonSchema.XsdToJsonSchemaConverter.ConvertXsdToJsonSchema(xsd); 

The library will save you time for implementing your own implementation, and you can use it directly with XSD supplied as String, File or Stream. Check our online tutorial for complete examples, or examine the /Examples folder supplied with the library Setup.

Minimal supported JSON schema format

Royalty free distribution

You can distribute the production version of the library royalty-free with your applications.


$ 499 USD for a Single Developer License

End User License Agreement is available here EULA.rtf

Download free Trial version Online Tutorial and Examples Purchase